18 must-have laptop accessories & gadgets on Amazon

Between work, web browsing, and TV streaming, there’s a good chance you log many hours in front of your laptop — which means it’s susceptible to things like scratches, food crumbs, and cat hair. (Did you know it’s a scientific fact that cats love laptops?). That’s why the best laptop accessories are crucial for protecting your computer, creating an ergonomic workspace, and even enhance its performance.

Depending on how you use your computer, you may find a number of these cool laptop accessories appealing, if not essential. Case in point: If you commute or travel with your computer, you’ll probably want a padded sleeve or messenger bag to protect it from bumps, drops, and scratches, which can save you from any potential “oh, no” moments. (Likewise, a flexible keyboard cover that protects your laptop from the inevitable pet hair and minor coffee spills can also help prevent such moments). Spending hours at a desk? Consider investing in an adjustable laptop stand and wireless keyboard to make your workspace more comfortable and ergonomic, so you can end each day without a crick in your neck. Last, if you find yourself on a lot of video calls, an external webcam and ring light are the best way to diffuse light and project an image that’s crisp and clear — even in a dim space.

I’ve rounded up a few of the best laptop accessories — which are all available on Amazon — to upgrade your tech setup at a minimal cost, so you can keep your computer in pristine condition for years to come.

1. A USB-C hub with 6 ports

If your laptop is short on ports, this portable USB-C hub has got you covered. The compact device has three USB ports for syncing and file sharing, one HDMI port for 4K video output, and two SD card slots for data storing. The USB-C connector plugs right into your computer with no drivers required, so setup is a breeze. Plus, the hub is designed with overheat protection to keep your devices running smoothly and safely.

According to a reviewer: “We have an open office plan, so I take my computer and find a different place to work frequently. I need to plug in my headset and keyboard dongle repeatedly, so I just leave them plugged in to this so I can attach all my USB Type A devices and an HDMI monitor all at once to my laptop USB C connection. Saves wear and tear on the USB dongles, and I never break one off in my computer any more.”

2. A portable laptop stand with 6 adjustable angles

Work at the most comfortable viewing angle with this adjustable laptop stand, which supports most devices from 10 to 15.6 inches. The aluminum alloy stand features six angles and has soft silicone pads to help keep your laptop firmly in place. When you’re done, the stand folds up for compact storage — use the included carrying pouch or stash it in your laptop bag, and you can be on your way.

According to a reviewer: “This stand is extremely light but really sturdy. The rubber feet hold your laptop in very well and keep it from moving on your desk. I’m using it with a 2012 13” MacBook Pro and it fits perfectly. An added bonus is that it keeps the laptop much cooler and less likely to overheat.”

3. An anti-theft backpack for added security

For extra peace of mind while running around town, check out this anti-theft backpack that’s earned more than 9,000 reviews and an impressive 4.6-star rating. Made from water-resistant polyester, it features a zippered and padded compartment for your laptop that rests right next to your back — instead of in front — making it difficult for would-be pickpockets to get anywhere close to your computer. Even better, the combination lock keeps the zippers firmly secured for added protection. The backpack also features a built-in USB charging port and headphone port, along with multiple pockets and compartments for all your other essentials. It fits laptops up to 15.6 inches and comes in six colors, like gray, blue, and pink.

According to a reviewer: “It is quite spacious, both practical and classy. Fits my laptop and charger and copybook easily. The texture is smooth, and the usb charging and headphones port come in handy. In addition, the locks are easily to deal with and helpful for theft and privacy.”

4. A cleaning gel for the keyboard

This universal gel cleaner makes it easy to keep your keys — and the spaces between the keys — dust-free. The goo-like gel molds easily into tight spots where it instantly attracts and lifts away, dust, dirt, crumbs, and grime. It’s reusable, safe to use on electronics, and can also clean car air vents, cameras, and other narrow, hard-to-reach spots.

According to a reviewer: “I loved this for cleaning my laptop. It’s a remarkable difference and makes you feel like you need (and want) to do it more often when you see the difference it makes.”

5. A ring light that diffuses light for video calls

If you’re often on video calls, a ring light can brighten your space and help diffuse light for a professional looking image. This one clips directly onto your laptop and thanks to its compact size, it’ll minimally interfere with your view of the screen. It’s USB-rechargeable and features three settings: warm, white, and warm white.

According to a reviewer: “Perfect for what I was looking for – an inexpensive selfie light to add some warmth to my video meetings. Nicely portable. I’m able to use with my phone, laptop and snap on to my desktop monitor.”

6. A webcam cover that ensures privacy

For added cybersecurity and privacy, you can keep your laptop’s built-in camera covered with this easy-to-install webcam slide cover. The matte black metal cover adheres to your laptop and slides over the camera lens when it’s not in use. And thanks to the slim design, the cover will blend in with almost any computer.

According to a reviewer: “It doesn’t block the lens when opened and is super easy to apply. I also love that it is super discreet, and doesn’t prevent my laptop from closing properly.”

7. A cooling pad with built-in fans

For extra cooling power, opt for a laptop cooling pad. The lightweight stand has two adjustable heights, a breathable mesh surface, and three built-in fans to keep your computer cool and running efficiently while you work or game. There’s also a dual USB port to connect to other devices and an optional LED for backlighting. Choose from three colors.

According to a reviewer: “Overall, this is a great cooling pad that is quiet, well built, sturdy, doesn’t slide around, and cools air effectively.”

8. An easy-to-use camera that instantly upgrades video chats

To quickly upgrade your video chats, add this webcam with a microphone that’s compatible with both Mac and PC. It offers 1080p HD resolution with 90-degree wide-angle viewing, and the camera automatically adjusts for color and brightness, so you’ll get a good picture even if your workspace has dim light. The built-in stereo microphone captures sound within 17 feet and features noise cancellation to cut down on sound clutter.

The camera clamps onto your laptop easily, and it comes with a 360-degree adjustable tripod, and there’s also a privacy shutter so you can cover the camera lens when it’s not in use. Best of all, the camera connects via USB and requires no drivers — just plug in and start chatting and recording.

According to a reviewer: “The picture quality is excellent. On a video call with my spouse, I was told the audio was clearer than it was through my phone.”

9. A lap desk for your laptop — & it even has room for your mouse

In the work-from-home era, a comfortable couch set-up is essential, and this cushioned lap desk has you covered. Not only does the smooth surface of the desk allow your computer to get proper ventilation but the two bolstered pads keep the desk raised and your legs cool and comfortable. The desk fits laptops up to 15.6 inches and has a mouse pad and slot for your phone.

10. These screen wipes to keep your laptop clean

These screen cleaning wipes make it easy to remove fingerprints, smudges, and dirt from your laptop display. The individually wrapped wipes are incredibly portable, and the streak-free, quick-drying formula gently cleans without leaving behind residue. You can also use them to wipe down phones, tablets, keyboards, and eyeglasses.

According to a reviewer: “I use these weekly on my phone and laptop screens as well as my laptop keyboard and trackpad. Highly recommend!”

11. A laptop messenger bag with lots of storage space

For easy portability, this laptop messenger bag features an adjustable strap, so you can sling it over your shoulder or wear it across your body. And if you prefer to tote it using just the carry handles, you can detach the shoulder strap entirely to remove the extra bulk. The sleek, lightweight bag is made from water-repellent fabric and has a layer of padding to absorb shock in case of accidental bumps or drops. Inside, there’s plenty of storage space, with a main compartment, storage pockets, and a Velcro strap to secure your laptop. Available in several colors, it fits most laptops up to 15.6 inches, and the luggage strap means you can secure it to your suitcase if your travels take you a bit farther from home.

According to a reviewer: “Functionality is great – plenty of room in the bag for the 15.6″ laptop, power adapter, mouse, docking station, cell phone, keys, various cables, some papers and folders. The shoulder strap is good and adjusts easily.”

12. A USB-c to HDMI adaptor so you can plug your laptop into an external monitor or TV

If your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port this adaptor turns your USB-c drive into one which gives you the ability to connect your laptop to an external monitor or TV. This Anker dongle is compatible with a variety of laptops (provided your device a USB-c port and supports DP Alt Mode) and supports video up to 4k so you don’t lose clarity when you are mirroring or expanding your screen.

13. A wireless keyboard & mouse combo

If you’re using a laptop stand, you’ll want to get a wireless keyboard and mouse for an overall ergonomic setup. This Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo have racked up 14,000 five-star reviews, and it’s easy to set up: Just plug the corresponding USB receiver into your computer and you’re ready to go — no driver required. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac and comes with batteries included. And if you prefer quiet typing — instead of clicky typing — you can opt for a keyboard with “SilentTouch” technology.

According to a reviewer: “This product has been a game changer for my 2020 WFH / grad school life. Set up could not have been easier […] and I love the freedom it gives me if I want to move around but don’t want to mess with a ton of cords.My desk is cleaner. Switching between my work and school computer is super simple, and I’m just thrilled.”

14. A USB-c to USB adaptor so you can still use your old thumb drives & chargers on your new computer

Some new laptops have gotten rid of the standard USB port in favor of the smaller USB-c port (I’m looking at you Apple), and although we can’t hold on to old technology forever, you can snag this USB-c to USB converter so that you use your old thumb drive (or wired mouse, keyboard, USB charghing cables etc.) a little longer.

15. A padded sleeve that protects against bumps & scratches

This affordable laptop sleeve is a great way to protect your computer when you’re on-the-go, and it works for Mac users and PC loyalists alike. It comes in 24 colors like gray, black, and midnight green, and it’s available in a range of laptop sizes, so there’s sure to be one that’s right for your device. The sleeve is made from water-repellent polyester with a layer of shock-absorbing foam padding and a soft fleece lining to protect your computer from dust, scratches, and other mishaps. It zips closed and also has a zippered front pocket where you can stash headphones, pens, and other essentials.

According to a reviewer: “Great case. It’s really compact, but not too tight to the point where it’s a pain to remove the laptop. This can hold both my 13 inch MacBook and 12.9 inch iPad Pro at the same time, which is another plus. The padding around the laptop is also dense so I’m confident it would protect my valuables if I dropped it.”

16. A keyboard cover that blocks dust, crumbs & more

This universal keyboard cover can help protect your laptop against crumbs, dust, minor coffee spills, and daily wear and tear. The ultra-thin polyurethane cover is designed to shield your keyboard without interfering with typing, and it’s flexible, washable, and easy to remove when it’s time for a cleaning. It’s available in blue and clear, and you can choose from options with or without a numeric keypad.

  • Available sizes: 13 – 14 inches, 15 – 17.3 inches, Desktop

According to a reviewer: “My 15″ Dell laptop sits by an open window and falls victim to a lot of dust (and of course grimy fingers), so I thought I’d try one of these. It just fits the keyboard/number pad of said laptop, it is super thin and flexible, and it seems to be made magical silicone; it adheres nicely to the keyboard.”

17. A flash drive for storing & transferring files

A flash drive is always handy for storing and transferring files from your laptop, and this affordable one is compatible with most PC and Mac computers. The retractable design keeps the flash drive protected while it’s in your bag, so it’s easy to bring files along wherever you need them.

  • Available sizes: 8GB, 16 GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

According to a reviewer: “This brand has proven to be extremely reliable time after time. I use them to take my data with me on office machines and to back up all my mp3’s at home.”

18. A portable charger that can actually power your computer

With this portable charger, you can add up to 13 hours of battery life to your laptop (or charge your phone up to seven times over or your Nintendo Switch four times over). It has two USB-a ports and two USB-c ports and it allows you to charge four devices a once.


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