Free money is gone. Yesterday’s valuations are a fiction. Markets have sold the companies of the future. That’s the assessment many tech investors have made in an uncoordinated information campaign comprised of decks, video calls and blog posts aimed at portfolio companies. What has gotten less play is the sober […]

There’s no doubt that technology has transformed the design world. While much of the design process used to involve hands-on work with X-Acto blades, Cow Gum, and French curves, it’s now evolved into a largely digital-driven industry. Apps of all kinds have digitized the functional elements of a creative studio: […]

Digital marketing is any sort of marketing that is carried out using electronic equipment that includes computer and internet-based marketing operations. Using this marketing tool, a corporation can utilize websites, search engines, blogs, social media, video, email, and other methods to reach customers. Digital marketing is a dynamic, ever-changing process […]

Remember the good old days when SEO professionals tried to bamboozle search engines with the “keywords” metatag? It might be happening again through schema stuffing. This time, though, it could do more harm. The other day, a customer was having some problems getting their schema on their web page. I […]