5 Things Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G can do that your regular tablet cannot

5 Things Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G can do that your regular tablet cannot

People with non-negotiable work/school commitments know the grind of having to carry a laptop with them wherever they go. But it’s clearly not feasible for everyone to have their bulky laptop by their side all the time to juggle between their work and life efficiently. It is, however, convenient to carry a super-efficient tablet that does it all, while fitting into your handbag. That’s where the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G comes to your rescue! It does all that your ordinary tablet can do but still stands way ahead in the race due to its multifarious uses.

You may ask, what’s so special about this tab that sets it apart from regular tablets. Let’s have a look at some of its highly talked-about features to understand why there’s been so much hype surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G.

S Pen:

Most of the genius ideas usually hit you when you are nowhere close to a laptop – in the middle of roads, out in the woods, or at large gatherings. Well, wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic if you could just scribble and save those eureka-moments, breakthroughs, and art ideas on the go? With Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G, you have the option to freeze ideas into a blank canvas with the help of an S Pen that writes just as smoothly as your favourite pen. And, it doesn’t just let you write but also allows you to make freehand doodles and sketches to bring your wildest ideas to life.

Pro size display:

Most of the time, people avoid working on their phones or smaller tablets because of the fear of messing it up due to their small displays. Smaller devices, while they are portable, have compromised displays, hampering your experience at work. Well, with the pro-size 14.6-inch Super AMOLED display provided by the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G, you don’t need to worry about the shrunk font sizes and the fear of messing up with the sheets, as you get ample screen space to view your apps, work-docs and sheets clearly spread-out. Not to forget that Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G has by far the largest screen in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S range.

Expandable storage:

Another feature that makes the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G stand out from the rest is that it lets you expand your storage and create a lot of space for important documents, videos, photos, movies, songs, and other files of utmost importance to you. So be it your work-related files or your favourite web-series episodes, you get to store it all without worrying about the storage space, which is, by the way, a massive 219.6 GB, and can be expanded up to a whopping 1 TB using a microSD card, as and when you like!

Multi-window feature:

The multi-window feature available in Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G lets you open multiple application windows on the same screen, split into separate partitions. This way, while you are on a voice or a video call, you can do almost anything you want to, right from taking notes, to looking up a definition on google, and from doodling a flower to penning down your brand new poem! In short, if you need to multi-task at any point, this tab’s multi-window feature allows you to do so, seamlessly. The device’s 12GB RAM and octa-core processor empower Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G to accomplish multiple operations at once.

Galaxy ecosystem:

If you’re a part of the Samsung Galaxy fam, you’d be glad to know that this device easily gets along with the Galaxy ecosystem devices like Galaxy Buds and with Galaxy smartphones via Dex mode. This sync between various Samsung Galaxy gadgets definitely makes it easier for anyone to transition from work mode to leisure mode real quick.

While these were just the top 5 features of the device that have grabbed a lot of eyeballs, its other features are not to be missed! The device comes with hyperfast Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and 5G network support making it future-ready, an 11,200mAh battery for all-day work & play, a 4nm processor octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 for superfast processing and an on-screen fingerprint scanner for securely unlocking your tab. It also boasts a 12MP Ultrawide dual front camera with an impressive field view. It lets you record high-resolution 4K videos at 30fps, and presents only the best of you on video calls with its crystal clear video and triple mic noise reduction technology. With a 6-month free subscription to Clip Studio Paint app, you can instantly unleash the hidden artist in yourself. What’s more? Quick Share app on the device lets you transfer all your huge files from one device to another with absolute ease. Plus, while you’re lazing around, the device has a high chance of slipping off your hands. But, the Armor Aluminum casing guard makes the device more robust, guarding it against all sorts of bumps and drops at all times.

If these features have sparked your interest in the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G, click here for its detailed specifications. You can always keep yourself updated with Samsung’s sales and offers by visiting their official website.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Samsung by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.



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