A look at five popular membership sites and what we can learn from them

Membership sites in all shapes and sizes have exploded over the past few years. Imaginative individuals are searching for a way to cash in on their creative outlets, while established businesses are looking to branch out and freshen up their brand’s content. Whatever your reason for researching membership sites is, before setting everything in motion you should decide what type of membership site you wish to create, who you are creating it for, and how much of yourself, your time, and money you are willing to invest.

The first step can feel daunting, even more so if you’re not sure in which direction you should go with your membership site.  To give you a hand, we’ve made a selection of five simple yet successful membership sites that came with bright ideas and turned them into a booming business. From blogging about blogging, inspirational quotes, popular personality tests, learning through frustration to wonders of star divination, we’ve got everything covered.

Before we start our journey, we should note that learning by imitation isn’t only a shortcut for studying how to create, launch, and grow your membership site but also a search for inspiration. Sometimes the challenge of coming up with innovative ideas can get the best of us, and the fastest way to overcome it and fire up your imagination is to take a look at the works of others. So, get ready to get inspired.


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