When it comes to the best web hosting services available, the best cloud hosting is growing increasingly popular. In 2020, ZK Research found that over 80% of new contact center deployments were to be built on hybrid or private cloud infrastructure.  Such a major shift from traditional, on-site deployment looks, […]

The Telomere-to-Telomere Consortium is sequencing whole chromosomes.Credit: Adrian T. Sumner/SPL From gene editing to protein-structure determination to quantum computing, here are seven technologies that are likely to have an impact on science in the year ahead. Fully finished genomes Roughly one-tenth of the human genome remained uncharted when genomics researchers […]

Background and objective Excessive online gaming is becoming a behavior pattern, and it has been recently classified as a medical illness and added to the International Classification of Diseases-11 (ICD-11), termed as “gaming disorder”. This condition can be severe enough to result in significant impairment in psychological health. In light of this, […]