A blown-up Russian tank near Kyiv, a monument for Ukrainian writer Borys Hrinchenko, an apartment building destroyed by artillery and a slide in a children’s playground covered in graffiti. In Ukraine, these objects are among hundreds of landmarks, cultural sites, monuments and everyday things that civilians have scanned on mobile […]

Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) student Sarah Cen remembers the lecture that sent her down the track to an upstream question. At a talk on ethical artificial intelligence, the speaker brought up a variation on the famous trolley problem, which outlines a philosophical choice between two undesirable outcomes. […]

An Italian company announced yesterday that it will commercially deploy a long-duration energy storage system using liquefied carbon dioxide. Energy Dome SpA completed a 2-megawatt/ 4-megawatt-hour pilot project that tested the technology on the Italian island of Sardinia. In yesterday’s announcement, it framed that success as a breakthrough in energy […]