How to Tell Children About a Global Pandemic?

Daisy and Friends What Happened to Yesterday: A Covid-19 Story, a book by Barbara J Meredith

YESTERDAY we could go to our classrooms in school and our parents went to work every day. TODAY some of our parents stay home from work and we are home schooled”

— Daisy, from the book Daisy and Friends

RED DEER, ALBERTA, CANADA, June 9, 2022 / — COVID-19 has turned the world upside-down. For over two years now it has ravaged various parts of the world. Those places that did not feel the direct brunt of the illness still had to shut down just to keep things safe.

And while the adults were fully aware of what happens during a pandemic, the children were not so much in the know. All they knew was that there was something going on that was preventing them from leaving the house. They could not go to school, get ice cream, see their friends, or even visit grandma. “Learning” from “school” came from the screen of laptop or gadget. Talking to loved ones outside the house meant Zoom or phone calls.

How do we explain something as serious or even as deadly as a pandemic to children without necessarily traumatizing them? Tell it to them in the form of a children’s story. Make the characters as lovable as possible, in this case Daisy the cat and her three canine friends H-Dee, Smokie, and Rocky.

In Daisy and Friends: What Happened Yesterday, children’s book author Barbara J. Meredith explains what a global pandemic to kids is using terms and situations they are familiar and comfortable with.

Along with explaining what is going on, Meredith goes on to say what children should do to avoid getting sick with COVID-19. The book begins with the definition of the words “pandemic” and “essential workers”. From there it explains the changes in our daily lives before and during the pandemic.

Even the most experienced adults may have trouble explaining serious situations to their children. And short of a nuclear war, nothing is more serious than a global pandemic.

How do we explain to children that the situation is quite concerning while at the same time educating them on how to protect themselves against the virus, but most of all making sure they don’t get too scared? Let them read this book.

eComRocket Canada will be presenting this book and others in the Toronto Book Festival this June 11 and 12 this year.

About the Author

For 14 years until her retirement in 2013, Barbara J. Meredith taught at the Kids Express Learning Center & Daycare, LLC, where she was also the director and head teacher.

She draws her writing from her observation of children’s behavior, and she knows how to explain something to them in a manner that will keep them calm even as they appreciate the gravity of the situation.

Aside from What Happened Yesterday, Meredith also authored the books Waiting for the School Bus, Outside our Window, How to Stay Healthy, and Rocky’s New Friend, all featuring the same lovable animal characters her readers have come to know and love.

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