Press Release Distribution, Marketing & PR Company KISS PR Now Offers Crypto-Blockchain News and PR Services

Press Release Distribution, Marketing & PR Company KISS
PR Now Offers Crypto-Blockchain News and PR Services

Using press release distribution, we, at KISS PR, help crypto, DeFi, and NFT companies gain a large amount of brand awareness.” – Qamar Zaman, Head of Web Growth, KISS PR.

Leading storytelling company, KISS PR
Brand Story, announces the launch of its blockchain news service and offers
affordable options for crypto, DeFi, and NFT companies.

Dallas based
KISS PR Brand Story, one of the leading digital public relations &
storytelling platforms. With clients spread all over the world, we have now
added our news market research division and recently launched our blockchain
marketing suite to help crypto, NFT, and DeFi companies with projects and
company announcements.

The services

  1. Content Development
  2. Web 3 Applications
  3. SEO Services
  4. Press Release Writing and  Distribution.
  5. Web 3 Research and Development

For over a
decade, KISS PR Brand Story has been helping startup blockchain company owners
get their projects known in the crypto world and on mainstream media.

executive Rene Perras said, “Our content distribution platform helps
companies promote their crypto, NFT, DeFi, and blockchain-related

“And since
most of them are startups, we offer them affordable price options,” Perras

When asked what blockchain marketing and marketing services
KISS PR Web 3 Technology provides, Kashif Sultan, head of Web 3, listed the
following  sub-services.

  • Allows company owners to access influencer marketing and NFT
    shilling campaigns.
  • Helps attract targeted traffic and investors to an NFT project.
  • Helps organize an interview with creators to raise awareness of
    their NFT.
  • Helps outreach to journalists, news portals, and
    other media contacts.

Brand Story’s leading edge from other content distribution services include:

  • They have a
    highly reputable team with years of crypto marketing
    experience based in the USA.
  • They offer a
    quick and easy turnaround.
  • They have direct access to news media and journalists &

Blueprint Development

Making sure your brand and public relations strategy match is
very important. We will help you make sure your look and feel match what you
are selling. This way, your customers will be more likely to trust you.

We help you analyze your current PR tactics and improve areas
where you could be more consistent. We also suggest some ways to improve your
news strategy.

Storytelling and Press
Release Strategy

Brand storytelling is a way to share your company’s story with
the public. This can be done through different forms of media, such as
television, radio, and the internet. PR amplifications are a way to make sure
that your story is heard by as many people as possible. After we have defined
your PR strategy, we will take your story and brand to the press. Our goal is
always to get you in front of the top publications and platforms that you

KISS PR has a number of successful crypto PR case studies

Our approach to PR is different than other companies. We
focus on helping our clients achieve their desired outcomes. You can see this
for yourself by looking at some of our favorite clients and how they have
succeeded with our help. Blockchain public relations is one of our areas of

Our goal is to create mass appeal for your crypto
project. What that means is to remove any barriers to entry and so the
blockchain companies can do what they are good at and we do what we are good at
which is brand amplifications via various methods, such as marketing &
press releases distributed via a large wire network to get large audience.

About: KISS PR Brand Story
Blockchain Press Release, Content Distribution and Marketing

Brand Story helps blockchain, crypto, NFT, and DeFi companies promote their
projects on the most prominent blockchain and crypto sites.t More than 50,000
stories have been published for our clients around the world. Our focus is on
strategic digital growth of blockchain companies.” Qamar Zaman, Head of
Growth at KISS PR.

Simply put, KISS PR is not a press release platform, but a PR ecosystem.

[email protected]

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AZ Telegram for Media Inquiries

AZ Telegram for Media Inquiries

Press Release Distribution, Marketing & PR Company KISS PR Now Offers Crypto-Blockchain News and PR Services

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