SEO Tool Lab Launch ‘Top SEO Factors’ Website, Providing A Daily Update on The Top 200 Ranking Factors That Industry Experts Should Focus On

Seattle, March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The search engine optimization (SEO) industry is fast paced and everchanging. Web experts have been battling with search engine algorithms since the early 90’s, and with each passing year, the methods used to appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) have become more convoluted.

In today’s day and age, the likes of Google and Bing are internet powerhouses. With more data at their disposal than ever before, it’s been estimated that there are over 200 (known) ranking factors used by these search engines to determine what appears in their SERPs.

SEO Tool Lab have been at the forefront of helping the industry decipher and understand these factors. Now, they’ve launched Top SEO Factors, a free online public resource that analyses over a vast 2,100+ factors and compiles a list of the top 200 ranking factors that industry experts should be focused on at present.

Below, we outline how the team at Top SEO Factors compile the top 200 SEO factors list, and how the launch of this new website is of benefit to the SEO community:

Keeping tabs on the top 200 ranking factors, day-by-day

Top SEO Factors is the latest project to come out of the SEO Tool Lab, who are widely regarded as the thought-leaders in the industry. Utilizing a vast set of data from their SEO community, they analyze thousands of keywords researched by SEOs in recent weeks, pinpoint any noteworthy changes in the industry, and update their list of the top 200 ranking factors to focus on for success.

While there is much debate in the SEO community around what factors are most pivotal, Top SEO Factors highlights changes to ranking factors based on the strongest statistical data available. Unlike other SEO content providers who provide editorial opinions or provide thoughts on data analysis to reflect an outdated period of time, Top SEO Factors empirically measure and use daily data-driven analysis to keep their list informed.

A daily source to keep up-to-date with any noteworthy changes in the world of SEO

The launch of the Top SEO Factors website is good news for SEO experts who want a hub of daily advice and data-driven thought pieces. As with all of their developments, SEO Tool Lab have focused on making Top SEO Factors a community-driven resource, as well as being the home to their own invaluable SEO guidance articles and tools.

Top SEO Factors is also an aggregator of other top SEO content online, such as videos, news headlines, and SEO weather reports. The team’s goal is to provide the industry and its valued community a place to check in-on daily to learn about noteworthy changes in the world of SEO. Here, they can read advice and guidance on what currently works, what needs exploration, and what has become less influential.

The impact that Top SEO Factors can have on our understanding of ranking factors

Top SEO Factors is centered around community, and they actively encourage specialists to participate. The more industry experts that engage with the content and become part of the analysis, the more that can be learnt about the everchanging and complex algorithms around ranking factors, to the benefit of the community and SEO as a whole.

About Top SEO Factors

Top SEO Factors is the latest development from the industry experts at SEO Tool Lab. A hub for the SEO community, it uses data-driven analysis to identify the top 200 ranking factors at any given time, alongside providing insight into key SEO content methods, including videos, news headlines and SEO weather reports. Learn more about how they analyse over 2,100 different ranking factors and become part of the community by visiting the website:

CONTACT: Seattle WA 98117 United States [email protected]

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