Spending your Eid bonus on gadgets

Eid is the happiest time of the year for most of us.  You get to see your family and friends; you get a few days off, and many get a decent amount in the form of Eid bonuses which certainly helps. 

But the question — what to do with your Eid bonus can be confusing. Here’s an idea — why not spend it on gadgets?

Why gadgets?

Why indeed! Eid bonus is quite some money for many people, and of all the choices, why should you choose to buy gadgets? By definition, gadgets are devices that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Often thought of as a novelty, gadgets can be quite handy and if you pick your device carefully, they can be a good investment. Decent gadgets will cost you from about a thousand taka to as much as you can spare depending on your choice and purpose.

Even if you decide to spend the bonus on gadgets, there is an even bigger question. Which gadgets to get? There are so many options that it is difficult to decide. The trick here is to prioritise. Whichever one you need the most, gets the priority and make your list according to your need.

Personal gadgets

For the younger people, personal gadgets are usually the priority. If you commute frequently on buses, you spend quite a long time on the road. A good music system can be useful for those boring hours stuck in traffic.

Consider a headset with decent output. Wireless or Bluetooth headsets are a better choice because of their portability. If you invest wisely, you can get a decent set of music system that will offer battery backup for a long time.

Speaking of battery capacity, it’s always wise to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. We hope that you do not need a battery pack but you should definitely consider getting one for when things get tough. It will serve both your smartphone as well as wireless earbuds.

Fitbits or smartwatches are another personal gadget that are getting more and more popular lately and for good reason too. Not only are they stylish but also practical.

Productive gadgets

Depending on what you are into, productive gadgets can vary. If you are an avid reader, you might consider getting an e-reader. They are surprisingly easy to use and most users are pretty happy with their performance. Or how about a smartphone stand or a laptop cooler? A well set workstation will surely boost your productivity. If you are into vlogging, a GoPro or upgrades for your camera could be a good option.

Home gadgets

There are quite a number of gadgets you could install at your home that will make it more comfortable. Wireless speaker or a smart home device could be one option. If you are concerned about security, smart home locks or cameras are yet another possibility but perhaps focusing on the home entertainment system is not such a bad idea either. The world cup is almost here and it’s the last time Messi and Ronaldo will feature in this glorious competition. Getting a new television with a sharper picture or a projector or upgrading the sound system would ensure a thrilling experience.

If you are looking to indulge yourself, those smart lights and RGB setups around your house would look pretty conspicuous as well.

Remember, buying from reputed brands ensures that they will offer warranty and decent aftersales services. And if the bonus alone is not enough to get what you want, perhaps add a little money to it or wait till next Eid (which is very soon) but do not compromise about quality.


Photo: Samsung Consumer Electronics


Nigarai M Grusio

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