Whilst making a website look visually pleasing is important, there’s a little bit more to creating a good site than just making sure it’s pretty. A website has to be functional, simple, easy to navigate and not too stuffed with detail that it loads too slowly as well. In this […]

If you’re thinking about starting a business, it’s a given that many factors come into play. The first step of every small business owner’s life, when he enters the web world, is not an easy one. The best thing to get started in the right direction is to find a […]

Minimalistic, no-frills design Supports NFTs and 5,500 cryptocurrencies Buying crypto directly from the wallet is tedious Sole responsibility to safely store the cold storage Overview of the Ledger Nano The Ledger Nano S Plus is a hardware wallet designed for securely storing your cryptocurrency offline, including non-fungible tokens (NFT). It […]