The dynamic QR code is everywhere — pros and cons to watch for chiropractors

The dynamic QR code benefits a lot of industries, including health care, giving your patients and prospective patients easy access to your website

QR codes were first released in 1994 when they were picked up by auto manufacturers to help improve the speed and efficiency of their processes. In the early 2000s, the dynamic QR code became more mainstream, with many businesses using them to make it easier for customers to connect with them or to learn more about their products and services.

The dynamic QR code has a short URL embedded in the code, which redirects the user to a website, but unlike a normal QR code, a dynamic QR code can be changed after the QR code has been generated.

While they seemed to disappear for a brief period, QR codes are becoming more prominent once again — thanks largely to the COVID-19 pandemic, the prevalence of smart phones, and a desire by businesses for touchless transactions.

As with any marketing strategy, QR codes have both pros and cons.

The pros of the dynamic QR code

One of the primary advantages of QR codes is their ease of use. All your patient has to do is point their smartphone camera lens toward the code and the app will read it, then take them to the website contained in the small black squares that make up the larger black and white box. No more trying to remember your URL, then typing it into their electronic device. It also eliminates the need to do an online search for your practice. Instead, the user can go directly to your website with hardly any effort at all.

Another advantage of QR codes is that they can be created to take patients to specific pages on your website. You could create one code for your print ads, for instance, and take users to the services page of your website. You could develop another code for other marketing materials, such as placing one on a postcard that you send to current patients to take them to a landing page for a new nutritional supplement that you offer.

Practitioners can also use QR codes to entice potential patients to engage with your practice. A code contained in various marketing materials may ask the viewer to scan the QR code to learn the three ways chiropractic can help them, for example, or it might tell them to scan the code for a product discount.

QR code cons

The cybersecurity analysis and insight provider Security Intelligence reports that criminals can send QR codes via text, email, social media, and more. If a hacker were to send any of these messages to your patients claiming to be your business, the recipient has no way of knowing that it is spam or malicious.

By using the code, they may be sent to a website that tells them to make a payment or the code may even be created to launch a payment app. This puts your patients at risk.

Best practice tips for QR codes

If you decide to use QR codes in your marketing efforts, QRTIGER shares a few best practices to get the most from this marketing effort. They are:

  • Make a unique code for each type of media you use
  • Use a dynamic QR code versus a static QR code so you can update the code if needed and track its performance
  • Always test your code first
  • Market the code in a location where the person seeing it will likely have internet service
  • Be aware of the surface that you’re placing the code on
  • Include your brand’s image or logo on the QR code
  • Place the code somewhere where it can be easily seen and scanned
  • Always use a call to action to tell the consumer what they can expect when using the code
  • Keep the QR code’s landing page short and to the point, only including what was offered
  • Make the QR code landing page mobile-friendly
  • Track your QR code metrics to see if you are meeting your goals

The dynamic QR code benefits a lot of industries, including health care, and allow you to measure your marketing campaign and examine analytics. And like COVID, they could be around for a long time, giving your patients and prospective patients an easy access to your website and other marketing outreach.



The dynamic QR code is everywhere — pros and cons to watch for chiropractors

Nigarai M Grusio

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