These Signs are Pretty Much Telling You That You Need a New Laptop

Our laptops are essential in our everyday life. We utilize it for work and for our personal use. We rely on them to access information, to do research and to store files.

Laptops are used several times a day, for long hours. Thus, it is unavoidable that our laptops will wear and tear due to excessive use.

How do we know when it’s time to upgrade our laptops to a newer and better model? Here are some signs that your reliable gadget is nearing its end, and it’s time to get a new one.

These Signs are Pretty Much Telling You That You Need a New Laptop

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Power Button Doesn’t Work

This is the ultimate sign that you need a new laptop: you press that power button, and absolutely nothing happens, it doesn’t power up.

You might try some basic troubleshooting steps. You may plug in your laptop then try to power on again. Make sure the cable isn’t loose. Assuming your laptop still fails to power up after doing some basic troubleshooting yourself, you’ll need to take it to a repair shop or dealer.

With this, you need to weigh up the pros and cons. First, how much will the repair cost? If it will cost too much, better get a new one instead of trying to make an old laptop work. The new one will have new components that could last for years, as opposed to old repaired hardware that might eventually give in after a few weeks’ use.

Poor Battery Life

Does it  frustrate you that the battery life of your laptop doesn’t last as long as it used to be? The maximum capacity that a battery can hold diminishes over time. When you first buy your laptop, the battery lasts for hours but this slowly ebbs away. Eventually, you will be left with a laptop battery that doesn’t last longer than 15 minutes. Worst, you cannot use your laptop without having it plugged into a power source. You may be opted to replace the battery but there are cases when the battery for the model is no longer available. What can you do? Simply purchase a new laptop.

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Is your laptop getting hot after being used for a while? This may indicate that the fan is clogged up with dust and dirt, which prevents it from cooling your laptop. Also, laptops can develop heat-related problems when they get older. The overheating might also occur due to age of internal components.

You can try to use a can of compressed air to blow off the dust and dirt out of the vents or you may try to bring it to service center. But the better option is to invest in a new unit as overheating can result in regular crashes.

Loud Noises

Can you hear a clicking or grinding sound when you’re saving or opening files, or when you’re launching a program? This simply indicates that the mechanical parts of your laptop are wearing out. This might eventually leads to a crashing hard drive so make sure to back up your files. This is also your laptop’s means of telling you that it needs a replacement.

Randomly Freezing or Crashing

Have you experienced that you’re in the middle of work then suddenly your file crashes or freezes? This may be due to the laptop overheating. But this could also be attributed to problems with the motherboard or the hard drive. You have the option to go to the nearest service center to have the parts replaced but this might be expensive. It might be more practical to get a new machine rather than continue keeping a repaired hardware.

Laptops are essentials. They are like extensions of ourselves. Thus, we have to make sure that they are functioning well all the time. So if you ever experienced any of the abovementioned problems, don’t think twice – it’s a sign to get a new one.

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