Top 10 Best Study Apps for College Students 2022

Students are always studying, when it comes to school. However, it can be hard to study whenever technology gets in the way. Or, they simply can’t get their study notes together. Or, they need further assistance on a particular subject. Check out the following best study apps for college students.

No matter your situation as a student, there’s a study app for that!

You heard right! best study apps for college students aren’t just for leisure. In fact, there are many apps that are aimed at bettering students’ chances of getting the most out of their education.

Now, this is not to say that apps will make the work easier. These apps are meant to aid in studying.

So, if you – the student – need help on anything having to do with school (e.g., taking notes, staying focused, etc.), check out these 10 best study apps for college students!

10 Best Apps For Studying in College 2022

1. Freedom

“Freedom allows you to stay on task by locking your phone,” says Christian Wilder, an educational writer at Academized and Boomessays. “Students can use this app to flag any apps or websites that they find distracting. Once said apps and sites are flagged, when activated, Freedom will block them for a certain amount of time as dictated by the user.”

2. Evernote

Evernote is all about having your notes and memos in one place. Users can capture a note or memo in any format. Handwritten notes can also be saved onto the app. They can also save receipts, audio files, and even web clips.

3. Microsoft Lens

Formerly known as Office Lens, Microsoft Lens is another option to save documents and other notes. On this app, you can either edit docs or share them to others online. This app is perfect for anyone wanting to organize your notes.

4. Todoist

Need to organize your school subjects, along with their corresponding deadlines and homework? Todoist is the study app for you!

The app allows you to highlight important deadlines, pinpoint priorities, and divide projects and homework into categories (or “classes). This app is also integrable with other apps like Dropbox and Google Calendar.

5. Oxford English Dictionary

Need a dictionary, but don’t want to carry around a bulky book?

The good news is, Oxford is not only a physical book but also an online resource. Yes, Oxford English Dictionary has its own app. The app is free, unless you decide on the premium version which has more feature. But the free version is still useful to have, and it allows you to look up words and definitions. With over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings, along with over 75,000 audio pronunciations, Oxford’s app is a helpful resource for students.

6. myHomework

Need a school-stuff planner? Let myHomework help you with that!

Unlike Todoist, the myHomework app allows you to track classes, projects, tests, etc. when you set reminders on due dates. Plus, the study app can sync across all your devices, including your laptop and tablet.

7. Paperfellows has a writing app has provided users with high-quality online paper service. From proofreading services to tutoring, students can use the app to get the help that they need before school deadlines hit.

8. Google Drive

A cloud-based storage solution, Google Drive is a great place to save documents, images, etc. The app can be accessed from any device – smartphone, tablet, and computer. You can also edit and share documents to send to fellow students and teachers for school collaborations. You can even access files and documents offline if you happen to be somewhere where there’s little to no Wi-Fi.

9. LiquidText

“LiquidText allows students to make digital notes on their devices,” says Destiny Walters, a student blogger at Assignment Help and Oxessays. “Instead of writing paper notes and potentially losing them, LiquidText keeps your notes all in one place. The app has users highlight class materials, draw lines to connect items, handwrite digital notes, and create mind maps.”

10. State Of Writing

Finally, there’s another writing app, this time from the State Of Writing.

The website has an app that hooks up busy students with writing experts. From essays to research papers, students can seek advice for writing the best paper for school (dissertations too!).


Ultimately, these 10 best study apps for college students for college students are beneficial for students. If you need further assistance on writing, homework, focusing on studying, and so on, then consider using these apps to make your school experience more wholesome.

So, let’s crack open some books, open up useful study apps for college students for college students, and get studying!

Good luck!

Top 10 Best Study Apps for College Students 2022

Nigarai M Grusio

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